Tesla’s Interactive B2C Website Informs & Excites With Immersive Design Elements

Tesla Website Design Shows Brilliant Car Innovation

Tesla is a company for lovers of cars and cutting-edge technology. Iconic founder Elon Musk has made it his mission to change the world. His companies range from space exploration to solar power generation. With Tesla, the mission is to make the world’s transportation more sustainable.

When it comes to its website design, Tesla chose to let the cars speak for themselves. As soon as you land on the homepage, a fullscreen video automatically plays. It immerses the visitor in an engaging video of Tesla’s vehicles driving in the countryside. The video, like the rest of the website, loads very fast, creating a smooth user experience.

The spotlight is firmly on the company’s products, such as the Model S and Model X. The countryside in which the video is shot creates a feeling of elegance. There are shots of an urban background by a giant bridge, sights familiar to the user.

On some individual product pages, the same videography technique is used to showcase individual car models.

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