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UNESCO Drop by Drop illustration finalist
Findy – City Directory
Wallpapio app
Retail Business Awards 2017
James Dean “the giant” illustration
Media Machine Esquire
Status Vodka Advertising
Celli, Bioten’s character design
Chronosplus Magazine V15
Chronosplus Magazine V16
Chronosplus Magazine V17
Watch by Naftermporiki
Mykonos Best Of V3 Magazine
Mykonos Best Of V1 Magazine
Mykonos Best Of V2 Magazine
Radioarvyla editorial Nitro illustration
Home Fashion V1 catalogue
Home Fashion V2 Catalogue
Branding and Logos
Home Fashion V3 Catalogue
Home Fashion V4 Catalogue
Collector’s place website
Android App Dev – Yellowpin
Android App Development Cyclades Guide
19v69 Photoshooting Art Direction
Pkool Advertising Series <Print>
Product Photography
Textile Design
Maxim illustration – Serial Killers
Short Film Festival Design 2nd year
Short Film Festival Design 3rd year
Poster Works
Esquire 93 illustration – Brain change Web design & Development
Map illustrations for Nitro Magazine
Esquire illustration – Freud
Gym Ball Packaging
Oi Synenochoi Theatrical Play Poster
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