the Design Agency is member of the Diversity Charter of Greece

The “Diversity Charter“, an initiative of the European Commission to promote diversity in Greek businesses, is established in Greece in 2019. Its aim is to act as a means of commitment to the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in every working environment in Greece. The “Diversity Charter” has been promoted in every EU member country since 2004. Several countries have already made progress in implementing and continuously strengthening the European Project for the Dissemination of the Charter. (Indicatively France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal), with the corresponding actions supported since their inception by Leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as by Institutions, State Agencies, Ministries and Business Associations.


This “Diversity Charter” aims to act as a means of commitment to the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in the working environment in Greece.

  • Introduce and present the “National Statute of Multiculturalism“, which will foster awareness, contribute greatly to the management of multiculturalism and promote integration.
  • Develop and promote a Practical Guide, approaches and activities that will enhance integration and diversity and effectively reduce discrimination and social inequality within the workplace and in wider society.
  • To provide training and professional development to managers, human resources executives, adult trainers, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, guidance and skills to successfully manage and support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Provide an Open Educational Resources Platform that enables the target group and other stakeholders to develop networks of professionals, implementing diversity management and practices, measures and/or integration policies.

ΚΕΑΝ (short) Χάρτα Διαφορετικότητας 22-6-2020 from Genesis360 on Vimeo.

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