10 Reasons To Fix the Photos and Double Your Online Sales in Christmas 2020

Are you an online product seller and selling single or multiple products online? If yes we hope you know the advantage of modern business in terms of marketing and sales. It is the most important need in 2020 to improve your sales and attract the audience.

In the year 2020, there are no limits to sell your product just in a limited area. You can increase your buyers across the globe and sell your products as well. Maybe you take all the steps to take your online business to the next level.  There are thousands of competitors selling the same products better than you.

There are hundreds of factors that help you to increase your online sales across the globe. One of those is Photography and the next step is photo editing. Do your products look eye-catching and attractive? While you are selling products online, your product’s photographs say everything about it.

So after done with all the types of photography the most important part is Ecommerce product photo retouching Services. Here I have mentioned all the points according to my knowledge which is to help you to increase your online sales across the world. So maybe you have questions now in mind that what is photo editing and how will it help you to improve or double your online sales? Well, I have tried to answer all the questions that you may have if you are selling products online or think to sell it online.

What does photo editing mean?

Photo editing is for digital photos. Which is used for Cropping, Background Removing, Retouching, Brightness & Color Correction, restorations, Image Resizing, Shadows Adding, and many more to make still images live and attractive.

All over it is a game to make attractive product photos. Over the online it is not possible that you can touch or feel the products so to attract the customers on a website you must use high quality product’s photos.  So after knowing that what is photo editing, the next question is why is photo editing important?

Why is photo editing important?

Shooting a photo is as important as it will help in photo editing as well. We understand that anyone can take a picture at one clicks but only professionals can take high quality photos. For example you are a professional Fashion Photographer so you make sure that the model’s makeup hides all the parts that are blemishes.

But some time it’s not work and here comes photo editing which helps with Skin Detail Enhancements, Removing Spots, Blemishes and other imperfections, Eye Bag and Wrinkle Removal and many more.   Let’s understand with one more example, after done with product photography you need Ghost Mannequin, Product Image Resizing, Shadow Effects and many more which make still photo real and not possible without photo editing and retouching.

What are the types of photo editing?

There are many types of photo editing across the globe. Many industries know the importance of photo editing and using it like real estate, fashion & clothes, products, jewelry, events, weddings, foods, travel, corporate etc..  So there are many parts of the photo editing like photo retouching, clipping path, photo enhancement, image masking and many more. Let’s checkout one by one with industries.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry is one of the most expensive products and it has many factors to check before buying it online. Jewelry comes in many different shapes, colors, stones, materials, categories etc… So while you are taking pictures, it’s very challenging for you to take all the photos in detail from all the angles without the stone’s color or look changes and many more challenges are there.

After done with all the photography by professionals some time it has many changes required to do like Shadow Creation, Background Removal, Color Correction, Color Enhancement, Retouching, Recolouring of Gold and Silver, shining etc. Background removal of jewelry photos is always a hard task thorough cleaning cannot assure that jewelry will look high quality during photography.

Sometimes it may be possible that the color of the jewelry may look a bit different and not the real one. In that case you need a jewelry photo retouching services to give it its real color.  Sometimes many photographers are using mannequins which do not look perfect or match to it and you need to remove the background as well. I have seen that after done with all kinds of professional photography it’s not look shiny as required, basically with stone and diamonds. In this case also you need to work on images to make it shiny, brighter and looks high quality polished.

Fashion or Garments

While customers are purchasing garments online they are zooming to check the material and textures of the clothes. The perfect presentation of the garments always look attractive and for the same you need ghost mannequin service.

With ghost mannequin service removing the mannequin or doll so customers have an idea of how it will look like after wearing it. It’s also required color correction, background removing and retouching.

During the garments photography they are using male and female models as well as its required face retouching, hair retouching, skin retouching etc. so it can present your garments look more attractive and buyers can judge what it will look like on the body before purchasing it online.

Wedding Photo Editing

When you get married or engage a photographer take the photos. These photos are my most important memories of life. So while you will have wedding photos you need to remove unwanted hair, background removing and adding new background, removing unwanted objects, light correction, head touch, body retouching, HDR blending and many more photo editing to look amazing.

The professional photo editors repair the wedding photos and look high quality and attractive. The photo editing services allow photographers to make more transformation to the images like optimizing color, contrast, and sharpness.


While you are uploading your team images online the headshots are the most important part of corporate photo editing. All small changes you can make via the photo editing process and your clients look like a much more professional team.

With headshot photo editing services make skin soften, sharpness, diminish lines, skin retouching, brighten eyes, enhance the iris etc. All this process makes your team look professional online over your website and clients also think that you guys are professional and it also increases the reputation of your company.

As you have heard, “Never judge a book by its cover“, but almost we are not thinking that way and we are starting judging everyone by their clothes and looks. This is the important reason for the corporation. Nowadays everything is online over the website and through the website looks and design we make an impression of the company and secondary is the team photographs over the website or on professional social media like LinkedIn.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate industries are more dependent on photography. Almost all people are checking property online before buying or renting. Sometimes the best camera and lighting is not even helping the real estate photos turn out perfect.

The reason could be anything like low lighting, unwanted objects, harsh shadows etc. Real estate photography needs to produce and upload high quality photographs to attract buyers. So before uploading it you need to go through the image editing service and make it look much batter or attractive like sky setting, greenery attachment, Color correction.

Most of the people are going through the online images before visiting the property. So now it is important to upload the awesome high quality photographs which will help you to increase the sales.

Events Photo Editing

The events are normal in human life and it’s very special for everyone. Many people like to keep those golden memories which are captured by digital cameras. But the photo editing service always needed to make those events pictures impeccable and enticing.

While photo editing is helping to enhance the personal and corporate photos. While photo editing is helping to enhance the personal and corporate photos. Events photo editing can enhance your photos an aesthetic look and maintain the natural look. Event photo editing includes dust removal, unwanted people and objects removing, Changing the backgrounds, tone down the saturation levels, color balance and many more.

E-Commerce Product Photo Editing

Now let’s talk about the hottest photo editing required sector. Ecommerce product photo editing and retouching services is the robust part of online product selling. There are millions of products that people are selling across the globe like electric items, machinery, home appliances, clothes, shoes, food etc.

In 2020 people are purchasing almost all required things from the online store whether it is cheap or very costly. So while they are purchasing the products online photo editing works on it to make still images live and help people to make decisions to purchase it.

Product image editing services including background removal, color correction, shadow creating, enhancement, invisible mannequins, image resizing and many more. All above steps make images look great and help customers to feel it and buy it.

You can share those products’ pictures over social media and your group as well. Which not just increases your sales but also helps you to create your brand and credibility as well.

Travel Photo Editing

If you are a travel photographer so you are moving around the globe to get outstanding images. I am very sure that you are taking a thousand photos and not getting relieved of photo editing services. Travel photography is totally dissimilar than product, real estate, food or model photography. It is not something like to take a picture about a particular object or subject.

Travel photography is a very large subject and has many parts like sunrise photography, colourful photography, natural photography, street photography and many more. Impressive photography gets noticed instead of normal photographs. So Adjusting photography with proper light balances, Apply vignette effects and many more photo editing help you to attract your photos.

Food Photo Editing

Food Company, Restaurant, food blogger, bar, cafe or helps owner needs a food photographer and editing for the marketing. It corrects the food photo color, recipes editing, retouching and color enhancement which help the food look delicious.

All these photos of foods and delicious dishes that you need for the marketing as well over social media like Facebook or instream to attract foodies and new customers. If the food looks not yummy or attractive nobody will even notice you as well.

Photo Restoration

In today’s world we are taking photographs everywhere and it is very easy to take a photograph with a professional camera or simple apple or android mobile phone. Before a few decades ago it was not that easy to take pictures everywhere and handy due to the lack of technology.

At that time it was not possible to keep or store your all photographs over the memory card, personal computer or cloud. Nowadays photo editing is not just helping to make it digital but also make new and attractive things like make it live old and unforgettable memories.

Here photo editing and restoration includes restoring damaged photos, coloring the black and white photographs, restoration of photo borders, and elimination of scratches, dirt and tears. So this way you can preserve your family history.

What are the best tools to edit the photographs?

There are many paid and free tools or software available in the market which you can use according to your needs and budget. Most of the photo editing services companies or photo editors are using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to get the outstanding results of photo editing.

The other tools like GIMP, Canva, PicMonkey, Pixlr Editor, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer and many more are used by the photographers and photo editors.

You can use any tool or software to edit your photographs or you can hire the photo editing company as well to give outstanding looks to your photographs and increase your sales, branding.


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