Nikiforos is Composer, Orchestrator and Arranger. You can see about him at Linkedin and listen to his work at Youtube.

When he visited our offices, he explained to us how much he wanted a branding identity to showcase EXACTLY who he is to the people involved in the classical music

The task was not so difficult, but needed that spontaneous spark. The idea! Who is Nikiforos. What is his work, the music he arranges. What time signatures do they use in classical music. And VOILA. 4/4 or C. Exactly what we need. C for Chrysoloras. 4/4 for classical music. Thank you Nikifore for this great opportunity.

Nikiforos has a proven track record, working with some of the industry’s leading figures – Richard Bellis, John Ottman, Keith Lockhart, James Shearman, Matt Dunkley, Diego Navarro, James Fitzpatrick, Stephen Bell, Tim Burden, Chuhei Iwasaki, Norman Kim, Tina Guo, the Hollywood in Vienna Concert Series, Film Music Prague, Krakow & Fimucite film music festivals, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hallé Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, to name but a few. He is much in demand as an orchestrator, arranger and composer for Film, TV, Video Games, Concerts and Festivals.

“Nikiforos Chrysoloras is a classically trained composer, orchestrator and arranger.”

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