Paris 2024 logo presents “a homage to female athletes”

The logo combines a gold medal, an Olympic torch and Marianne – a symbol of the French republic

The organising committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has revealed the logo and visual identity for Paris 2024. The logo combines two iconic symbols associated with the Games – a gold medal and the Olympic torch – with an image of Marianne, a female figure representing the French Republic.

The design sees the Paralympic and Olympic Games share a logo for the first time. The organising committee says in a statement that the use of Marianne is both a nod to the sport’s heritage – namely the fact that women athletes were first allowed to compete at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris – and a homage to female athletes. The committee also says that Marianne represents “the revolutionary spirit” of the Games, and the fact that the Games “belong to the people”.

The visual identity includes an Art Deco typeface which takes inspiration from Paris Metro signs. Available in seven weights from hairline to black, it has been designed to “adapt subtly to all digital texts”.

In keeping with the digital-first approach, the identity also features a dark mode which can be enabled on digital devices to conserve energy use. When activated, the dark mode turns the background colour to black – just like the Dark Mode featured on Apple devices.

With its homage to female athletes and the use of a shared symbol for both the Olympics and Paralympics, the identity represents a move towards a more inclusive games. And in its clever use of negative space, and the inclusion of Marianne, the logo pulls off the difficult feat of putting a fresh new spin on some of the Games’ most recognisable visual assets.


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