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The Design Agency can help you build a successful 360 action plan using the most up-to-date online tools and the experienced professionals who each contribute to your effective presence on Social Media

Social Media Strategy

The constant evolution of technology has made Social Media Marketing an important part of a company’s overall communication strategy to reach its target audience and achieve its goals. Following a Social Media strategy that covers your business needs and requirements, will grow your customer base, will build trust with your customers, and will increase your sales.

Come join our services for a successful Social Media strategy with clear targeting and measurable results, using all the latest online marketing tools.

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Message, Comment Monitoring & Crisis Management

Properly managing Social Media means interacting with your followers. The public chooses to reach out to the company through Social Media, writing a comment on a post, sending an inbox message or reviewing the page. Our team monitors all communication with your audience on Social Media in order to have a high response rate to comments and messages.

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Link your Social Media accounts to Your e-shop

You can now link your eshop to all Social Media accounts that exist and create a complete list of products on your pages. This allows you to display the relevant product in each post, helping the user to add it to their shopping cart with just one click.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is aimed at the loyal audience that an influencer has built, that is, an internet user followed by a wide audience. Companies are no longer directly targeted to their target market, but to people with online influence. We work with well-known influencers to create engaging content for your company with ultimate goal the developing of trusted relationships with your followers.

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