5 reasons why implementing strategic social media marketing is essential for your business

Social media is here to stay.This means that almost all businesses need to have a social media presence through a marketing plan that converts your followers into potential inbound customers for your business.In today’s digital world, those who defy their social media presence are seeing their sales gradually decline, resulting in a shrinking business.Consumers are now used to shopping online and they like the interactivity with businesses.In today’s digital world, those who defy their social media presence are seeing their sales gradually decline, resulting in a shrinking business.

But on social media it is not enough to randomly post promotions of your products at random times.If you want to turn social media into a useful marketing tool you need to approach it in a serious & responsible way.

For this to happen, you need to make sure that you set specific business goals (such as increasing sales, increasing your brand exposure, increasing customer experience, etc .. )And you need to think in advance how you turn those goals into reality.
The Internet offers through social media a variety of fantastic ways to grow businesses. All you have to do is make sure you understand these ways.

It is incredibly easy to get trapped in a routine of being on social media. Something that was effective six months ago may no longer be performing as expected for you. Social media is evolving at a very fast pace. To ensure that your social media marketing campaign remains effective, it should be one that keeps up with the latest trends, and dedicates significant time each week to managing and maintaining your social media presence & the users who follow you.

In order to do this, it is absolutely vital that your social media campaign results are counted. Some key metrics , according to a favorite social media planning tool , Buffer, are:

  • Consumption metrics (how many people saw, read,received, listened, etc. a piece of your campaign content)
  • Sharing (how many people shared a piece of your campaign content and how they did so)
  • Consumption impact metrics (how much your campaign affected the frequency of consumption)
  • Sales metrics (how much money a piece of your campaign content made as it was presented).

Do all of these, and you’ll start to see results.Here are 5 top reasons why your business needs a social media marketing strategy:

1. It gives us direction

The direction for a proper social media campaign is set by our business goals.
A great way to define these goals is, to use the so-called SMART (smart) criteria :

These are

  • The specific criteria – Make sure that the area where we want to operate is very specific
  • The measurable criteria- To make sure that we can quantify the progress of our campaign.
  • The assignable criteria- To make sure we can determine who will do what.
  • The realistic criteria – To make sure that our goal is achievable (taking into account budget and timing issues)
  • The time criteria – Making sure we can determine when our campaign results should be achieved.

2. Helps us to get to know our online customers better

After a few months of presence & good management of our social media, we will have created the image of a good old friend in our social chatter. We will have for them a good idea of what they like, what they don’t like,what they are interested in, and what they are passionate about.
And, since most platforms now give us incredibly detailed reports (analytics), the above relationship with our customers is an ongoing process of evolution and improvement that will eventually get to a point where almost every post you make will make a big impression on your followers. And that’s a great place for your business image to be!

3. It makes us competitive

We may not be running a social media campaign, but that helps our competitors who often create social media campaigns.The truth is that social media has proven that campaigns are effective and the absence of your business in this area actually helps the competition to monopolize the interest of users.Our presence through a social media campaign
makes us competitive and brings us one step ahead in getting new incoming users-customers of our products or services.

4. Improves Customer Service and Communication

The instant interactivity of social media means you are in one of the best places to get real-time information about your business. Your followers will talk about you with other users, message you directly, and take part in conversations with other followers.
With the gradually increasing response from online users, you will realize after a while that wonders have been done for your brand realizing that customers will have started to form a positive image of you.

5. Cost brings results

Although the commercialization of social media has started a long time ago, social media marketing is still extremely cost-effective compared to traditional marketing methods. And, in fact, the commercialization of social media has led to platforms that offer a whole host of incredibly powerful tools to justify the cost.

Facebook, for example, is now one of the largest advertising networks in the world, and allows marketers to target very specific demographics in a variety of customizable marketing and advertising ways. Twitter introduced Audience Information… But these are just 2 examples among many other instances in other social media. The social media marketing industry is fast-growing and highly competitive, which means consumers are getting products at a great price – a trend that will be in place for some time to come.

So by listing above these 5 key reasons for your social media presence, we hope we’ve managed to convince you that pursuing a social media marketing campaign is worthwhile. However, if you’re concerned that you don’t have the experience or time required to make such a campaign a success, you may want to check out the social media & marketing services we provide.

We can provide your business (in consultation with you) with a full range of social media services tailored to you and your specific business goals.

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